Website usage

Website usage


All texts, photos and other data on website are owned by creator (RBCS) or the owner of website, as is clear from Law of Authorship CZ 398/2006 Sb., and unauthorized use might be affected in accord with this law and Civil Law of Czech Republic 40/1964 Sb. including its amendments.

Guestbook rules

If you want to leave a message in our guestbook, please don't use foul language, links out of our website or e-mail adresses. In case of breaking these simple rules, the owner of this page reserves the right to erase such note or block user from inserting another message if rules breaking is serious or repetitive.

These rules are for decent users protection in the first place.
Thank You for Your understanding.

Personal data protection

Owner of this page doesn't gather any personal informations, which could identify a person, except when the person willingly provides such information. These informations could be provided when a person willingly registrates in the newsletter signup. Any personal informations that could identify a person won't be given or sold to a third party.

Users should be aware of the fact that some informations about them could be gathered automatically during standart operations of our server(such as IP adress) and when using cookies.

On users request, we will do every reasonable steps to provide erasing all users personal informations from our database.